Frequently Asked Questions

What is Clothes Buffet Manila?

Clothes Buffet Manila is the Ultimate Shopping Challenge where you can get to take home up to  21 pcs of clothing(so far!).

How does it work?

In a jist, this is how Clothes Buffet Manila works - 1 Bag. 20 Minutes. 40,000* Clothes. Grab-all-you-can!  For more information, check out our How It Works page!

*Total number of clothes on the 2-day event.

When is the event?

This coming November 21-22, 2015 (Saturday and Sunday)! 

How much is the ticket?

A Clothes Buffet Manila ticket costs P2,799 per person but you can avail of the early bird promo right now for only P2,599. Each ticket entitles you to a Buffet Bag which you can enter to the Buffet Floor, and grab as much clothes as you can as long as it can fit into the bag. Our current record is at 21 pcs! Break the record and book here now!

How big is the Buffet Bag?

The Buffet Bag is a 33cm by 25cm ziploc bag! For more details about how many can you actually fit, please check out our ZIP IT page.

What kind of clothes do you offer? Is this women's clothes only?

For now, Clothes Buffet Manila is offering women's clothing only. Find out more about what you can snag at our Clothes Sneak Peek!

Will there be new items released on the second day?

With over 40,000 pieces of clothes to choose from, we assure you that you'll have more than enough to warrant a 2nd, even a 3rd visit!

What are the sizes available in the Buffet Floor? And is the buffet floor divided by size?

Our sizes range from Small-Medium-Large. We may have XS or XL on the floor but as with all styles, this will be FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED basis. The Buffet Floor will be divided into 2 collections, and may have  a surprise collection or two! :)

How many slots available per shopping wave? Can I buy more than 1 ticket? 

There are 100 slots available per shopping wave. The Buffet Floor can actually handle 200 people at once, but to make this experience more comfortable and exclusive, we decided to limit it to 100 persons per slot. And yes, you can buy more than 1 ticket - however, only 1 bag per person per shopping wave is allowed.

How can we shop with just 20 minutes?

Last season, our shoppers had 15 minutes to Pick it, Zip it and Keep it and we had no problem! So an extra 5 minutes is more than enough time to get your money's worth! Please also check out our tips to conquer Clothes Buffet Manila here! Not satisfied? Check out what our guests were able to get from our Clothes Buffet Manila Season 1!

Can guys also join the Clothes Buffet Manila? 

Clothes Buffet Manila may only have ladies wear but that doesn't mean it's restricted to women only! Ladies, feel free to bring your boyfriends/guy bffs to this event (provided they buy their own bag, of course!) and this might be the first shopping experience you can both enjoy :)

Can I bring my kids to the Buffet Floor?

Unfortunately, we cannot allow you to bring any of your kids (unless they're at least over 12 years old AND they have their OWN bag). 

I'm a SPONSOR and I find your event really interesting. Would Clothes Buffet Manila be interested in a partnership?

Send us an email at with SUBJECT: CLOTHES BUFFET MANILA PARTNERSHIP and let's chat!