Clothes Buffet
Season 2
Sneak Peek
Season 1
Sneak Peek

Clothes Buffet Manila fashion team is working hard day and night in order to create an extravagent collection clothing we can all fall in love with. Each piece is carefully picked by our team of fashion experts and is screened for any defects or quality issues.

For SEASON 2, we are planning to build a collection of more than 40,000pcs (!) of fashionable apparel selected from world renowned brands as well as from popular local brands!

We are very excited with the current collection so far, so keep checking this page for periodic CLOTHES SNEAK PEEKS to our collections and be sure to book your tickets ahead of time in order to get a good time slot! Remember, it’s first come first serve, so as the saying goes, the early bird gets to be the most fabulous!

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Facebook page: /clothesbuffetmanila 

Instagram: @clothesbuffetmanila

Twitter: @clothesbuffetph 

Clothes Buffet Manila Team