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So how much can you stuff in 15 minutes?


Clothes Buffet Manila Record to Beat


Tips to Conquer Clothes Buffet Manila!

We know this experience can be considered as the ULTIMATE SHOPPING CHALLENGE! 15 minutes? 30,000 clothes? How can we even do it? But actually, as our guests from our Mini-Buffet recently concluded, it's very doable and just an event you cannot possibly miss! If you're still not convinced, check out some tips and tricks our guests shared with us below: 


Clothes Buffet Manila TIP #1: BE early and BUY early!

If your shopping wave starts at 1:00pm, be there 30 minutes - 1 hour before (though 30 minutes before is an ABSOLUTE MUST since you still need to purchase your ticket, get your ziplock bag then deposit your bags). You wouldn’t want to waste your time queuing up to get your bags, and THEN queue up again to go enter the area. So what I suggest, it is better to purchase your tickets ONLINE before going there! Saves you time and you can shop with no worries because everything is set!

Clothes Buffet Manila Tip #2: Quality AND Quantity.

20 minutes? How can I shop with just 20 minutes to spare? It’s either you simply grab and go (and regret later), or bring home only a few (but good) pieces. Well, the key is to know your STYLE and know your SIZE. Girls usually have this powerful notion that when they see a particular item, they’ll know it can fit them without having to try it on. You’ve won half the battle if that’s you. Just scan and grab!

Clothes Buffet Tip Manila #3: Bring a friend!

Shopping is the ultimate girl bonding experience! What better way to celebrate your friendship than taking shopping to a whole new level! Plus, doing things together will be so much more fun than being alone. With over 3,000 different styles to choose from, you’re sure to need a fellow shopaholic to help you pick the clothes you shortlisted!